AES Back to School Cookout

At the beginning of each fall, the AES club invites all faculty, staff and students to a Back to School cookout held at the Rhoden farm. The time spent together is always relaxing and geared towards getting to know each other. This year was no exception. The AES officers kept up the tradition of fun, laughter, fellowship and good food.  The hamburgers and hot dogs were awesome and the homemade ice-cream by our faculty was outstanding! Lots of talking and laughter between current students, new incoming freshmen and transfer students could be heard all evening. This year we have students from California to Florida and from Wyoming and Maine to right here in Abilene. The Back to School cookout also gives faculty, staff and students the opportunity to engage their families in the event building community amount all involved.

A&E is excited about the academic year ahead. The Back to School cookout helped bring everyone together. Together we can accomplish and achieve great things with our amazing student body, faculty and staff. Here’s to this next year!


(all captions are from left to right)

A&E Students

Jessica Cosby, FR ANSC major from Silver City, NM

Erika Carley, FR AGRB major from Auburn, CA

A&E Students

Ashley Beddingfield, FR ANSC major from Nocona, TX

Samantha Priestle, FR ANSC major from Harvest, AL

Islyn Gruver, FR ANSC major from Garland, TX

A&E student

Ashley Simon, JR ANSC major from Lockhart, TX

Jaime Scudder (daughter of Mandy Scudder)

A&E Students

Samantha Futrell, FR ENVR major from Abilene, TX, with her daughters Hannah and Calista

Elaina Rockwell, FR ANSC major from Irving, TX

A&E Students

Roberta Isenhower, SR ANSC major from Abilene, TX

Mandy Wilson, FR ANSC major from Upland, CA

A&E Students

Spencer Fox, JR ENVR major from Houston, TX

Megan Stephenson, JR ANSC major from Longview, TX

A&E Student           A&E Student

                               Kyle Ferrell                                                 Eric Rama

                             JR AGRB major                                           JR ANSC major

                        from Weatherford, TX                                    from Abilene, TX 

A&E students

A&E enjoying homemade ice-cream

A&E Students

Jan Brokaw (wife of Dr. Ed Brokaw)

Dr. Florah Mhlanga (ANSC Professor)

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