2009 Medina Children's Home Trip

The A&E department took their fifth annual trip to Medina Children's Home on Oct. 22-25.  There were 12 students and three sponsors in Students Working on Pinattendance.

They have had less time in past years to work and do other activities, but his year they were allotted two-and-a-half days to finish what they needed to.  They cleaned three cottages, worked with and built pins for the livestock, cleaned general areas, mowed and weedStudent Cleaning Mirror ate and fellowshipped with the kids and workers there.   

“I know in the past we've spent a lot of time directly with the kids,” said Kyle Ferrell, junior agribusiness major from Weatherford, Texas, “but since we were there over Fall Break, we were able to do a whole lot more for the house parents that live and work there. We were able to be more of a hand to them to finish some things that would have taken them days to finish.”

Student Shoveling DirtIn addition to ministering to the kids and working at the home, the team was able to enjoy some local festivities.  The attended a weekly fish fry and the homecoming parade.

This year we had two-and-a-half days and before we had less,” said Dr. Emmett Miller, assistant professor of range and environmental science.  “So it gave us a little more time to do some work and other activities.  They enjoy the fellowship that we can have together.”

On Saturday evening the team prepared a hamburger dinner for 150 residents of the children's home.  Following the meal the team played football and Hamburger Cookoutbasketball with the children before they all went to bed.

“Getting to spend time with fellow students, working toward a Christ-focused goal really strengthens your relationship with other students as well as your relationship with God.” Ferrell said.  “Plus it's just down right fun.”

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