What is my advising release code?  How do I get it?

Your advising release code is an access code that allows you to register for classes on Banner Web.  You must get your advising release code from your academic advisor, and depending on your department and classification, it may require an individual meeting with your advisor.  All Freshmen and Sophomores are required to meet with their advisor before receiving their release All code. 

Will my advising release code from last semester still work this semester?

No, the advising release code changes every registration period. This encourages communication between advisors and students, for the purpose of consistent tracking of the students' degree plans in order to keep them on track for graduation.

My advising release code won't work.  What should I do?

Verify your advising release code with your advisor. 

 How do I declare a major or change my major?

Complete a "Change of Program" form, which can be found in the First-Year Program office (lower-level of McKinzie Hall), The Depot, or in the Registrar's office (AD 207).  Take the form to your current advisor to sign, then to the department of your new major for your new advisor to sign. Finally, take the form to the Registrar's office for processing.

How can I find out who my advisor is?

You actually have two advisors.  The Degree Plan Specialist will assist you with schedule building, degree plans, degree audits, graduation requirements and applications, holds, permits, and changes of program.  The Faculty Advisor will work with mentoring, developmental goals, major/program decisions, and career/vocational issues.  In some departments the same person may fill both of these roles. To find out who your advisor is, you may check the Depot space on your my.acu.edu or call your department. If you are undeclared, call the Academic Development Center at 325-674-6400 ext. 6400. 

Where can I find the graduation requirements for my degree?

Degree plans for each major are available in the catalog of the year you entered ACU
and on the web: Degree Plans

What is my catalog year?

The year you entered ACU.

What if I can't log on to my.ACU?

Call Team 55 at 325-674-5555, and ask them to reset your password.