Degree Plans and Sample Schedules

. . . for students entering Fall, 2009
image = Degree Plan  Degree plans are in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format. If you do not have this application, click on the link below..

 Degree plans list all course requirements



= Sample Schedule


Sample schedules are in Microsoft Word format.


Sample schedules illustrate how you can complete the course requirements.


Degree plans and sample schedules are designed for comparison only. These materials do not substitute for regular appointments between the student and his or her advisor.

College of Arts & Sciences | College of Education and Human Services | College of Biblical Studies 
College of Business Administration | School of Information Technology and Computing | Intercollegiate School of Nursing | International Studies
Undeclared | Minors | Certificate Programs

    College of Arts and Science
   Agricultural and Environmental Science
Agribusinessimage image
Animal Science (Animal Industry and Business)image image
Animal Science (Biotechnology and Research Track-Biotechnology) image image
Animal Science (Biotechnology and Research Track-Research)  image image
Animal Science (Livestock Management-Animal Production) image image
Animal Science (Livestock Management-Rangeland Ecology ) image image
Animal Science (Preveterinary Medicine and Health) image image
Environmental Science (Wildlife and Natural Resource Management) image image
Environmental Science (Outdoor Studies) image image
Environmental Science (Field Technology) image image

Environmental Science (Politics and Public Policy)

image image
Animal Health Professions Cooperative image image
   Art and Design
Art (BA) image image
Art (BFA Graphic Design) image image
Art (BFA Three-Dimensional Studio)image image
Art (BFA Two-Diminsional Studio)image image
Graphic Design/Advertisingimage image
Art (For Teacher Certification) image image
Interior Design (Art Track)image image
Interior Design (Business Track)image image
Pre-Architecture image image
Biology (BA)image image
Biology (BS-Cellular/Molecular)image image
Biology (BS-General Biology)image image
Biology (BS-Health Professions)image image
Biology (BS-Organismal)image image
Biology (BS-Business)image image
Life Science (For Teacher Certification)image image
Cooperative Degree (Biology)image image
   Chemistry and Biochemistry
Biochemistry (BA)image image
Biochemistry (BS-ACS)image image
Biochemistry (BS-Standard)image image
Biochemistry (BS-Health Science)image image
Chemistry (BS-ACS)image image
Chemistry (For Teacher Certification)image image
Cooperative Degree (Biochemistry)image image
Communication (BA)image image
Communication (BS)image image
English (BA)image image
English (For Teacher Certification)image image
   Foreign Language
Spanishimage image
Spanish (For Teacher Certification)image image
Historyimage image
History (For Teacher Certification)image image
Social Studies (For Teacher Certification) image image
   Journalism and Mass Communication
Advertising/Public Relationsimage image
Electronic Media (Digital Media)image image
Electronic Media (Visual Communication)image image
Journalism (Broadcast)image image
Journalism (Photo)image image
Journalism (Print)image image
Journalism (Religious)image image
Mathematics (BA Applied Mathematics Track)image image
Mathematics (BA Pure Mathematics Track)image image
Mathematics (BS)image image
Mathematics (BS Middle School Certification)image image
Mathematics (BS For Teacher Certification)image image
Math - Actuarial Science (BS)image image
Musicimage image
Instrumental (For Teacher Certification)image image
Vocal (For Teacher Certification)image image
Piano (For Teacher Certification-Vocal)image image
Piano (For Teacher Certification-Band)image image
Piano (For Teacher Certification-Orchestra)image image
Vocal - Performanceimage image
Piano - Performanceimage image
Physicsimage image
Applied Physicsimage image
Engineering Physicsimage image
Computational Physicsimage image
Engineering Science - Electricalimage image
Engineering Science - Industrial and Manufacturing Systemsimage image
   Political Science
Political Scienceimage image
Political Science - International Relationsimage image
Psychologyimage image
   Sociology and Family Studies
Sociology - (Business, Pre-Law, Cross-cultural studies, Church Service, Studies in aging)image image
Sociology - Criminal Justice (Law, Deviance)image image
Family Studiesimage image
Theatre (BA)image image
Theatre (BA)Theatre Ministryimage image
Theatre (BFA) Actingimage image
Theatre (BFA) Design/Technicalimage image
Theatre (BFA) Musical Theatreimage image
Theatre (BFA) Theatre Educationimage image
Theatre (BFA) Directingimage image
    College of Education and Human Services
Communication Sciences and Disorders image image
   Curriculum and Instruction
Elementary (age 3 through Grade 4)
Elementary-Generalist with ESLimage image
   Middle School (Grade 4 through 8)
Language Artsimage image
Mathematicsimage image
Scienceimage image
Social Studiesimage image
   High School (Grade 8 through 12)
English Language Artsimage image
Physical Scienceimage image
Biology: Life Scienceimage image
Englishimage image
Historyimage image
Social Studiesimage image
Mathematicsimage image
   All-Level (Age 3 through Grade 12) Certification
Artimage image
Exercise and Sport Science image image
Music-Instrumentalimage image
Music-Vocalimage image
Music-Piano (See Music Department above for Sample Schedules)image
Special Educationimage image
Supplemental Certificates in Education
Special Educationimage  
All-Level Special Eduationimage  
English As A Second Languageimage  
   Exercise Science and Health
Exercise and Sport Science (All-level Teacher Certification)image image
Exercise Science-Health Promotionimage image
Exercise Science-Pre-Physical Therapyimage image
Exercise Science-Pre-Occupational Therapyimage image
Nutrition (Dietetics)image image
Nutrition (Community Track)image image
Nutrition (Exercise Science)image image
Nutrition (Food Service)image image
Physical Education (Non-teaching)image image
   School Of Social Work
Social Workimage image
    College of Biblical Studies
Bible, Missions, and Ministry
Biblical Textimage image
Christian Ministryimage image
Ministry to Children and Familiesimage image
Missionsimage image
Vocational Missionsimage image
Youth and Family Ministryimage image
Worship Ministryimage image
    College of Business Administration
Accounting and Finance  
Accountingimage image
Financial Managementimage image
Management Sciences  
Management (Business Processes)image image
Management (Human Resource Management)image image
Management (Organizational Management)image image
Marketingimage image
Information Systemsimage image
   School of Information Technology and Computing
Computer Scienceimage image
Computer Science (Software Engineering)image image
Information Technologyimage image
    Intercollegiate School of Nursing
Nursing image image
    International Studies
International Studies (East Asian Studies)image image
International Studies (European Studies)image image
International Studies (Middle East Studies)image image
International Studies (Latin American Studies)image image
International Studies - non-U.S. students onlyimage image
Undeclared image
Undeclared (Health Professions Concentration) image
Agricultural Sciencesimage  
Bible, Missions and Ministryimage  
Computer Scienceimage  
Engineering Scienceimage  
English-Professional Writingimage  
Envioronmental Scienceimage  
Ethnic and Women's Studiesimage  
Family Studiesimage  
Foreign Language: Spanishimage  
Information Technologyimage  
Journalism-Digital Mediaimage  
Other Journalism Minorsimage  
Leadership Studiesimage  
Political Scienceimage  
Public Service (Pope Fellows only)image  
Sociology - Criminal Justiceimage  
 Certificate Programs
International Studiesimage  
English As A Second Languageimage  
Supplemental Special Educationimage  
Supplemental All-Level Special Educationimage  
Vocational Ministryimage