Academic Advising

Abilene Christian University is committed to quality academic advising that promotes student success and degree completion. You and your advisor, in a welcoming, supportive and professional relationship, share responsibility to accomplish a clarification of your life and career goals. Together, you will develop educational plans to reach those goals for a life of Christian service and leadership throughout the world.

Philosophy of Academic Advising

Our Centennial Vision calls us to be faculty and staff members who are “accessible teachers, leaders, advisors, mentors and friends of students as we pursue our goal of integrating faith and learning.” Our academic advisors will help you discover your God-given talents so that your giftedness is fully realized. They will model Christian love, encouraging you to live Christ-centered lives in which education is viewed not as a passport to privilege but as a foundation for Christian service and leadership throughout the world.

Ready to Be a Part?

We’re eager to see not only what you can accomplish with an ACU education, but how your unique perspective can enrich your fellow classmates and ACU as a whole.