Presentation Tools


The free version of AirSketch transforms an iPad into a basic whiteboard. If you trace your finger over an image on the iPad, the application draws a matching black line in real-time. 

With the purchase of the $10 full edition, the capabilities of this application expand. More colors are available for drawing and users can wirelessly annotate pictures and PDF files, even while walking around the room. 

In both editions, AirSketch's distinguishing feature is its ability to be viewed as a webpage. Even on a computer without the AirSketch app, AirSketch drawings can be viewed provided the computer supports HTML5. 

AirSketch Free

Google Presentations   

A Google presentation looks very similar to presentations created with Keynote of PowerPoint, but the development process can be a synchronous team effort when you use Google Presentation. You may invite multiple people to edit the presentation simultaneously. Access is also different from other presentation software. Your Google presentation is available from any computer - simply log onto your Google account to access it. As with all things Google, presentations can be easily accessed through email.


Whiteboard is a great app for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Users can create a freehand drawing or draw over a pre-existing image e.g. to highlight a specific detail. The new image can be saved to your photos and used to personalize and customize a presentation. Whiteboard can also be used for collaborative drawing - users can create pictures together over local Wi-Fi or Bluetooth peer-to-peer. 


Learning Studio: Year One
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