Manage My Class

Class Management Tools
  • Calendar
  • Blackboard Grades Center
  • Grades
  • Attendance

Class Calendar

A class calendar can be an effective and simple method for communicating assignments and important dates to students.

Every faculty member is provided with a Google Calendar for each course taught. These calendars provide a flexible and current class schedule for your students. The Calendar Editing tool can be accessed through myACU > Academics > Calendar Tool (circled below).

This tool allows you to quickly update your class schedule in a simple line-by-line interface. 

Once you submit your changes, the course calendar will update immediately for you and your students.

Blackboard 9 Grade Center

The Grades Center is a time-saving tool within Blackboard 9 - their slogan is “Be free to teach.” Grades are recorded:

  • Automatically for:
  • Assignments
  • Assessments (tests and quizzes)
  • Surveys delivered inside Blackboard
  • Manually for course work managed outside of Blackboard.

  • For detailed instructions, please download the GradeCenterBasics.pdf

Grades and Attendance

With Easy Grade Pro you can create an electronic grade book to store student information for all of your classes and subjects. Time-saving tools are provided for taking attendance, seating, charts for managing scores, standards and more. Users can switch to any class or chart with a single mouse-click, and it is easy to generate reports to communicate your student data with others.

Learning Studio: Year One
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