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Tools for Creating Media


A podcast is a recording used to disseminate information for digital playback.  It can consist of audio only, video, screen capture, or a mixture of the three.  Two types of podcasts that are commonly used by faculty at ACU are: live classroom capture podcasts and user-generated podcasts.

The Educational Technology Department has designed several podcast-ready classrooms on campus. Faculty members interested in using this method will receive support throughout the process.

User-generated podcasts are created to compliment and enrich course material. The Learning Studio, located on the second floor of the Brown Library, is equipped with state-of the-art equipment and well-staffed to support faculty members in the creation of a podcast. The MEIBL website is also a great source for learning how to create a podcast for use in the classroom or online.


Google SketchUp  

SketchUp can be used to explore, present and collaborate ideas in 3D. Google provides students, educators and institutions with resources for low-cost or no-cost software licenses. Users can choose between Google SketchUp (the free version) or SketchUp Pro.

Google Sketup for Higher Ed
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iMovie allows Mac users an opportunity to combine pictures, video clips, and music into one cohesive movie. It is easy to use and readily available to faculty and students at ACU in the Learning Studio, located on the second floor of the Brown Library. Mac computers there are equipped with the latest version of iMovie, and a knowledgeable staff is available to support faculty and students in the creation of iMovie projects.


Learning Studio: Year One
The Learning Studio opened its doors to the campus last March. Here is a look at some of the stories from year one.