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Available Tools


Weblogs, also known as blogs, offer a unique forum for students both to publish ideas and to customize the ways in which their ideas are presented. Many websites, such as Blogger and WordPress, offer free, easy-to-use blogs for those new to the online journaling sphere. Encouraging blog comments and blog discussions can expand the traditional one-person weblog into a multi-learner interface.

It can be very convenient to post by email to a blog. Using any email account to post to a blog can enable you to post from any convenient location, as well as your mobile device.

Class Blogs: Advanced Tips
WordPress Screencasts


Blackboard allows faculty and students to interact through file sharing. Faculty may use it for the dissemination of course materials to students, while students may use Blackboard to turn in assignments to faculty or share them with their class members.

Creating Web friendly documents is the best way to distribute course materials to your students. This applies to to Keynote and PowerPoint presentations as well as text documents. The Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) is the standard for document distribution, on the web. Many programs have the option to "Save As" a PDF built in. If not, there are many free PDF utilities available, two of which are:

CutePDF Writer


Xythos is a useful online tool available through Blackboard that provides a unique file-sharing interface. Professors can upload and share assignments and information, while students can upload and share finished papers and quizzes. Xythos enables users to securely and easily collaborate on research with academic partners at ACU or other institutions.  Files updated offline will be automatically synchronized the next time you connect, and the content will be protected.


Learning Studio: Year One
The Learning Studio opened its doors to the campus last March. Here is a look at some of the stories from year one.