Syllabus Design

ACU Syllabi Guidelines  

Each of the following items should be addressed in your syllabus.

1. About the Course
Title, course number and section credit hours, semester, and year meeting time and place can be found in the catalog.

2. About the Teacher
Name and title or rank, office location, phone number(s), e-mail address, office hours

3. Course Content
Catalog description, synopsis, outline, main topics

4. Teaching/Learning Methods and Format of Class Sessions
Description of the types of activities students should expect in the course

5. Texts, Readings, and Supplements
Required and optional materials

6. Evidence of Christian Perspective
Teaching philosophy, policy regarding questionable materials; scripture related to course content; faith/learning resource

7. Overall Outcome & Competencies
Specific competencies stated in measurable terms. State which assignments or instruments will be used to asses these competencies.

8. Grading Criteria
Complete and accurate details of factors and elements that will comprise the final grade .Weight or point value of all graded elements. Grading scale with clear expectations for grades.

9. Course Policies
Clear statements of expectations concerning penalties for non-compliance regarding attendance and tardiness, participation, timely completion/submission of assignments, late exam and assignment polity. Special needs (ADA) policy or link. Academic integrity policy or link.

10. Course Calendar
Exam dates, assignments, due dates, and other deadlines. Schedule of readings and topics. Statement regarding possible need for flexibility in calendar

Syllabus Checklist 

Competencies & Measurements 

List the competencies that must be satisfied in order to pass the course, and indicate how each competency will be measured. Add as many rows to the table as necessary. 

Competency Measurement Instrument Measurement Standard
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