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ACU believes that 21st-century learning involves more than simply memorizing facts. ACU engages students in assessing information, synthesizing ideas and contributing to global conversations. We prepare students to be Christian servants and leaders in their world.

The 21st-Century Classroom

Extraordinary vs. ordinary

The 21st-century classroom is not defined by walls, doors, desks or tables.

In fact, it may be quite extraordinary - a coffee shop outside a museum in Montevideo, a park in Oxford, a booth in the Learning Commons.

Whatever the setting, you and your professors and fellow students will wrestle with exciting, challenging ideas.

Equipped for the future

At ACU, you will experience the 21st-century classroom in exciting ways - ways that will prepare you for your future. 

  • You may discuss a clash of cultures with a guest speaker in Africa.
  • You may use your iPhone to gather information about paintings you've just seen in Germany.
  • You may debate economic policies with your friends after touring a workplace in China.  

We're eager for you to join us. Step into the 21st-century classroom. Engage your mind, and engage the world.

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