Sculpture Facts

  • The sculpture was designed and built by former chair of ACU art and design, Jack Maxwell.
  • Several ACU art students assisted on Jacob’s Dream, and Jack’s wife, Jill, who also is an artist and talented sculptor, spent countless hours on the project.
  • The sculpture is 34 feet from the bottom of the pedestal to the top angel.
  • The site includes a round baptismal pool 10’ in diameter and 30” deep.
  • Each angel is eight feet tall.
  • The total metal work, including a stainless steel inner structure, weighs more than 7,000 pounds.
  • Models for the angels included the artist and six ACU and local high school students, utilized to verify proportions and musculature. With the exception of the second highest angel, whose portrait was based on Jack and Jill’s son, Matt, the faces were inspired by individuals but not specifically modeled after them.
  • The sculpture was commissioned to honor the generosity of Grace L. Woodward and the Woodward family of Kerrville, Texas.


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The ACU Promise
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